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Booty Shawl, Shirt Extender, Be Confident in Leggings
Booty Shawl, Pixie Skirt, Shirt Extender

Here at Booty Shawl World Headquarters, just outside Detroit, we started our shop with that simple idea. 

Every woman loves the feeling of looking her best-no matter what size, shape or age. You look your best when you feel strong, confident and at ease. And confidence is really what the Booty Shawl brand is about. Giving women of all sizes and shapes an extra bit of self-assurance wearing leggings, yoga pants and skinny jeans

In today's society of impossible body imagery, to be comfortable and confident in your own skin is a gift. Booty Shawl is dedicated to bringing out the creative, self-assured, playful side of every woman.

How it got started.

I have a closet of short tops. Drawers of leggings, yoga pants and skinny jeans. But I was tired of just wearing long tops and sweaters to cover my bits and pieces. So I searched for something I could pull on and go, something functional, flattering and well-designed. I wanted an accessory bridge between top and bottom. A layering piece that polished my profile and expanded my wardrobe. When I couldn't find it, I decided to make it. Booty Shawl was born.

We spent a year designing and sewing prototypes. Riding the line between covering just enough, but not too much (There is, after all, an art to the flirt) and launched our Etsy store in 2014 with three styles: Stella Draper, Audrey Hipburn and Isabella Wrapalini.

Lauren Bashawl is the new girl on the block. We added her in 2017 in response to customer requests and suggestions.  She was named by our fans too.  We love hearing the creative ways our clients style their Booty Shawls.  So many great looks from one little piece of fabric.  Bravo ladies!

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